Frequently Asked Questions

Rostering Software  F A Q

Try Rostify for free!

We are happy to offer you the opportunity to test the Rostify roster software free of charge for 14 days .

There is also a 14-day withdrawal period after you sign up for a model or contract.
Looking at it like this, you’re actually able to trial Rostify risk-free for a whole 28 days.

If you no longer wish to use Rostify in a full version, you don’t need to do anything after the trial period has expired.

Your data will be deleted in accordance with our data protection regulations.

For security reasons, we do collect your customer data before creating the Rostify trial environment.
If you no longer wish to use Rostify once the trial period has expired, your data will be deleted in accordance with our data protection guidelines.

We do ask you to specify your preferred payment method when creating your user account.
If you choose “Invoice“, you do not need to add any further details as the invoice amount for our trial version is EUR 0.00.
The trial version ends automatically after 14 days.

You’re also more than welcome to choose “credit card” as your preferred payment method. This simplifies the process in case you choose to stick with Rostify after the trial period.

A change of payment modalities is however possible at any time.

If you are happy with Rostify, you can right away continue using it by ordering the full version in our online store or entering one of our contracts:
We will automatically send you a link to unlock the full version of Rostify and configure the software as you wish.
You’re also always welcome to contact us if you’d like help with the setup!

Who is Rostify for?

Rostify is suitable for any organization or company with two employees or more, who need daily or monthly shift or roster scheduling.

Rostify is the perfect solution for retail, supermarkets, gas stations, call centers, emergency organizations, security services, health care, maintenance, logistics, education, public institutions, NGOs, nonprofits and more.

Essentially, Rostify is suitable for any business and industry that would like to effortlessly and safely maintain a smooth, well organized service with shift working staff.

Rostify was originally developed for security-critical areas in which shift planning with utmost attention to redundancy and continuity of minimum operations is crucial.

Air traffic control, airports, airline ground staff, industrial production (with manufacturing lines), organizations for maintaining public safety can particularly benefit from Rostify.

With the exception of night shifts*, Rostify can only manage one service per day. It is therefore less suitable for industries where split shifts are being rostered in a day. As a result, Rostify may be of limited use for catering, hotels and other hospitality services if your staff has to come to work several times a day.

Rostify records actual work time on a monthly hourly basis. If for example, you charge overtime on a weekly basis, Rostify is suitable if the time recording corresponds to the planned hours.

* Exception: you can roster another shift within the same day of a night shift.

Any computer (PC or MAC) and internet access are sufficient for all users.
Please make sure you have a current version of Firefox, Opera, Chrome or Safari, etc. as older Microsoft browsers unfortunately aren’t supported anymore.

Shift supervisors will find a tablet most useful while staff will be particularly pleased with our iPhone App.

Why Rostify?

Rostify increases efficiency, offers the best overview and can be operated intuitively.
Rostify’s rosters run in real time and are available to all employees anytime, anywhere!
Most of the admin work will actually be handled by your staff.
Rostify can therefore save you a lot of time and money.
Your spreadsheet has had its day! Rostify pays for itself within a very short time.

You’re on the right track :-)
Try Rostify – it’s better and more powerful than ERP systems.

Rostify has a number of unique selling points.

If you plan shifts with shift schemes, you’ll immediately spot if shifts are not manned or a sick leave needs replacement.
Rostify also detects excess work and thus prevents unnecessary overtime.
Automatically advertise missing shifts via SMS or push.

Are you working with complex collective agreements? Rostify supports two definable weekly work models (ENTERPRISE Edition).
Rostify automates your time clock and time recording, making it easier than ever.
Plan vacations and other absences as efficiently as possible and manage them electronically with our unique vacation module.
Enjoy having the best overview in all areas, at all times.

Pricing and Contracts

You can withdraw from your contract within 14 days without any reason, provided you chose the PRO or BUSINESS version.
Any already paid amounts will be reimbursed immediately.

We have a set minimum tariff for our basic package of ten employees, and then charge a fee for each additional participant.

Yes! An upgrade is possible at any time, and All data will be retained.

Any change in staff numbers can be adjusted in either direction at any time. Processing time is 1-3 days.

We are also happy to offer a switch from PRO or BUSINESS to ENTERPRISE SaaS at any time.

Due to the nature of the database, downgrades are more complex, but possible.

Just contact us!

Depending on the selected contract period, billing happens monthly or annually in advance.
The invoice date is the day your contract is signed.

The separate SaaS contract for our Rostify Enterprise version has a contract term of 12 months, but is billed monthly in advance.