Schichtplanung Business

Roster Scheduling


Are you handling several branches or departments with rosters which you’d like to cross-organise?
Save hours upon hours on admin work time!
With Rostify BUSINESS you’ll have the perfect overview and make better decisions while saving time and money.

Intelligent and Efficient Online Roster Planning

Rostify BUSINESS – Staff Management for Successful Enterprises!

Rostify BUSINESS lets you create rosters and shift schemes efficiently – even across locations if required. Enjoy exact time tracking while delighting your employees with the possibility to swap shifts autonomously.
Organise vacations and absences better than ever before with the additional resource planning tool.
Enjoy extra functions for trainees and allow staff to create their own schedules.

  • Roster Planning

  • Shift Schemes

  • Vacation Planning

  • Time Tracking

  • Shift Swaps

  • Staff Requests

  • Absences

  • Sick Leaves

  • Resource Planning

  • Autonomous Rostering / Job – Sharer

  • Multiple Locations

  • Roles and Rights

  • On Job Trainees

  • Informative Dashboard

  • SMS Notifications

  • iOS APP for Employees

Save up to 70% in Time and Planning Costs

Spreadsheets are outdated

Create plans online – intuitively, swiftly and, above all, safely

Your employees will love it!

Integrate your employees

Engage everyone concerned and the schedule will run by itself

Flawless Planning – even in Multi-Shift Systems

Plan in simple or complex systems

Basic Rosters, Rotating Shift Schedules or Multi Shift Operations

Compliance with Legal Requirements Made Easy

Let Rostify help you

Rostify warns you well ahead before hitting any legal limits